Encryption options are missing in outlook client for Microsoft 365 Apps for business

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The users who have Business basic plan and use outlook client for Office professional plus 2019 have email encryption options which are "Encrypt/Do not forward/Confidential/Confidential view only". But some users who have business basic plan + outlook client for Microsoft 365 Apps for business do not have those encryption options. 

Note - Both types of users have those encryption options in outlook web app

What is the reason behind this issue and how to resolve it?

Thank you.

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Are the users who are missing these options signed in to MS Office apps as the user account for which the encryption options are targeted?  This is important, particularly on Outlook for Mac (which I see you have tagged here).



OK, if you switch the users who are not seeing the encryption options to the other license type, does that make a difference?  Is that something you can test?

One more thing, users with E3 for  Microsoft 365 Apps for business can have that encryption options. I am still confused why it has on office professional 2019 and not in 365 apps for business  for business basic users@PeterRising 

It seems like that. I want my company users to use these encryption options anyway using outlook client. but some users around 75 use this Microsoft 365 Apps for business. What is the best suggested solution to migrate there office package because users are working at home due to COVID incident. @PeterRising