Email sent from Shared Mailbox gets stuck in Outbox

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I am working with a client who has a primary and shared mailbox in Outlook. They are using the newest version of classic Outlook desktop app and they have full permissions to the shared mailbox, including "send as" permissions. They can send email from their primary mailbox without issue. However, when they send email as the shared mailbox, it gets stuck in the Outbox and never sends. I have tried the following:


1. Removing the profiles re-adding

2. Deleting the Outlook data files

3. Reducing cache to as low as 3 months

4. Turning off cache but when I do the shared mailbox gets an error that it cannot connect to the Exchange server

5. Turning on auto-archive to shrink the data files

6. Switching to "New Outlook". This does seem to work but the company uses a plug-in for a program called "Mail Manager" and they don't fully support New Outlook yet


Sometimes these solutions will fix the issue for a few days to a week but then it begins happening again. This issue does not happen when they are using the mobile or web clients. To me this sounds like a corrupted data file but I can't pinpoint what exactly is causing the corruption.


Any suggestions?




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