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Hello everyone!


I have a unique situation that I need help with.

Our salon has regular phone calls with clients and after our phone call we open up an .oft template to send them a confirmation of the procedures they accepted to do and declined to do.

Right now a 2x4 table that holds the questions we are required to ask and we manually type “Accepted or Declined” beside each question.


for example: 

Hair Extensions | Declined

Hair Colouring | Accepted

Hair Treatment | Declined 


Optimally my vision is that we would have some kind of button system on the right column  where the technician would press a button such as “Accepted” or “Declined” and then the field would automatically show only the text.

I uploaded a photo of what I mean. If it started off with showing the multiple options and once an option is selected,  that field will display the text for the option.


thank you in advance for all the help! 


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