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My organization is looking to shed our on premise storage and go "all in" on OneDrive for business, however we need to create a folder in everyone's OneDrive that the users are unable to share documents from.  They would need to move the document(s) out of the "unshareable/safe" folder to another folder or location before they could share it with anyone (internal or external to the tenant).  Ultimately looking to help our users so they can not inadvertently share a file/folder with confidential information. 

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They are going to share the file one way or another, if you put all your eggs in one basket it's only going to cause them headaches to have to move it. Adding that step isn't really going to keep them from it.

If you can define what sensitive data is you can always put DLP policies out there to prevent sharing documents with that data matches in them.

But anyway, you cannot prevent sharing from a folder, it is site collection level only.

Hi @Ross Berndt,


Chris is correct. There is no way to do this today. If this is something you'd be interested in, I'd definitely recommend submitting it as an idea over at onedrive.uservoice.com. Thanks!


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