tmp files on users desktop

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 .tmp files won't go away - why? 

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Check the AV! Sometimes the antivirus cause this! Try to disable it temporarily


@adam deltinger  - Do you know why there is created tmp files? (by AV)


Why is this only happening for some users -


They can’t uninstall AV - so how to resolve this?

- is it the KFM that's causing this?

Well, no not for sure! Onedrive and office uses tmp files when uploading or editing for example, but they should be hidden and the automatically removed! The cases I’ve seen with AV in the mix is that it prevents or disturb the upload for example so the process don’t finish, hence it sticks!

The tmp files is often created on the save location so if you use KFM that makes sense!

Does the tmp never gets deleted?



Nope - they never get deleted - and only some users have that experience.  

Ok! First try a repair or reinstall of office