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Do you guys remember the Microsoft demo where they showed how much faster the OneDrive upload was compared to other cloud storage providers. Apparently this is no longer the case. I have had users report that OneDrive uploads in the browser are slow compared to so I ran a similar test to what Microsoft did. OneDrive browser uploads in my test are ~10 times slower than box. Can anyone else confirm this? What can we do to fix this?

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Just checking if anyone tried the connectivity test and if that was helpful with this issue

@SvenV11  Yep, worked directly with the product team and it was identified that there were some problems that they fixed. Since then speeds have been much better. Still not as fast as the others but passible. So much so that users haven't mentioned any problems with speed since.

@SvenV11 wrote:

Just checking if anyone tried the connectivity test and if that was helpful with this issue

It showed me being in the 60-86% range, stating that 14% of the people in my area had a better connection. Kind of hard to believe, since I'm using fiberoptic, gigabyte, upload and download speeds with only 1ms ping time to my server. I still think the problem is on the MS end.

@Lee_Gordon Hi Lee, thanks for the feedback. I have a customer having slow times with OneDrive so this helps. 


With my setup I save a small file and within 20 seconds it is replicated to OneDrive and to my laptop. With the customer. up to 10 minutes (with other traffic on the network).


Note sure if it was this thread or another that said to log the call with MS and have them check the farm for issues so will do that.

@Ryan Schouten I've always been using dropbox until I switched to my Microsoft Surface Pro X tablet/laptop, from which I did not know it would not support Dropbox).

I always kept my outlook .pst files in my dropbox. I never noticed they were not locally stored.

With Onedrive I constantly notice that they are not locally stored. 

The vault is ALWAYS saying it is not up to date!

And yes in my network settings I check the box 'no limit'... 


@Eddy_W I remember seeing an article once that listed files that are known to have problems synced to OneDrive. The two that stuck out to me because I was fighting one of them, were Git repos and PST files. At the time is was a known issue that PST files would cause bad behavior when synced with the OneDrive sync client.

@Ash365 Even after changing the settings to no limit, it's still not working. The upload speed is still mostly around 20-30Mbps while I have a connection of 200Mbps. Can anyone help me and provide me with a better solution

@Ryan Schouten 

So is there any other way to upload to One Drive other than Browser so that we can get Faster Upload speed


same experience here. Just upgraded to 1 gigabit fios and confirmed the speed using speed tests. Uploaded a 4 gig gopro clip and monitored network traffic and saw that while there are some bursts of 500mbps most of the time the upload speed is <20mbps. upload took 5 min vs dropbox 2min


this is not including the time it took to "process changes" before the upload happened (3 min)

I'm uploading loads of PST files today and it's taking forever. SharePoint and OneDrive speed is never good. It's okay most of the time when you're doing normal Office editing etc. but really struggles when you've got a big file to upload.

Even a year or more later, the upload speed is utterly pathetic. I have 450 Mbps here and from my phon (yes, on the wifi network...), the upload of 17 GB took all day. Pretty pathetic.

@DaveIrl Hey just a couple of observations about your tirade (And some tips to actually fix the issues):

  1. This isn't customer service, it's a support forum. So please, take a seat. The things you are ranting about have little to nothing to do with the issue in question (Aka the topic of this thread)
  2. It might be worth looking into your indexing settings and restricting indexed locations to the most mission critical areas, if search speeds are that crucial for you.
  3. Regarding "But I cannot restrict search using Windows File Explorer… to ONLY search my local files?", I'm reasonably confident that it's possible to do this quite easily. Try adjusting your Group Policy or restricting network access for SearchApp.exe if you haven't already.
  4. Regarding "Strangely the solutions to fix the SLOW Search should be quite simple. Microsoft should simply include functionality", have you done much research on the topic of search efficiency? It sounds like a trivially simple problem to address, but as it turns out it's incredibly complicated, and it's nothing short of a miracle that it's improved as much as it has since search indexing was added back in Windows 2000. Tom Scott has a brilliant video on YouTube that I'd recommend to anyone interested in learning more on the topic.
  5. A final word of advice, if I may... You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar! This is especially true on a website where volunteers are doing their best to help you.




I noticed that OneDrive tries to download all the files at the same time, but it slows down the download speed horribly. Consequently, it will download one larger file faster than the same file consisting of many objects.

It is very slow on my 300/300 Mbps FiOS connection too. I do a lot of screenshots that are about 2 MB each, and it sometimes takes several minutes, even hours, to upload and synchronize. I don't have the throttle flag checked in settings.

Simply put: unacceptable

note: I prepared a screenshot recording of one screenshot file uploading, and I can't even share the link here since it is still not uploaded as of 10 minutes. For 20 MB, it will take several hours. I will update this post later....

@Ryan Schouten 

I read down the posts and may have missed this, but besides the unusual rates of pre-sync action OneDrive takes, the actual syncing of files can be delayed not by OneDrive but by the host cloud.


SharePoint for example performs throttling when it receives massive burst of requests.

I discovered this when with 30+ staff machines syncing a Sharepoint Libabary I moved a 50K file folder structure into it. The combination of 30+ clients requesting 50k+ of files caused SharePoint to throttle back the speed of transfers, till it finally went dead in the water. You could see the uploading client stuck halfway through a file upload, not moving, uploads another 50mb then stops, all the downloading clients baning away. 


I put in a helpdesk request at O365 they identified the issue, and on discovering I was around 95% of the upload and 75% of the way on downloads, so just needed a little bit more, they reset the throttle counter, and WOW every last client took off on the spot.


Now this clearly does not address when people are moving just a few files around (<1K count) etc or not a huge mass (<1GB size), but it does explain why sometimes people's results are screwed up, "bad one day, good the next". I expect that is cloud host end throttling.

We've been trying to move our file sharing from Box to OneDrive, but these speeds remain a lingering issue. Onedrive seems to linger around 1Mb/s, while Box usually gives me about 5-10Mb/s. 

Hay @DaveIrl, I know this post was from awhile ago, I found it trying to solve somthing else. If your still having this problem try using the app "Everything" . I use it all the time as I have multiple cloud storages and drives, I think it only searche locally. Ither way it is extremely fast I see the results pop up as I type them. You just click the icon in your task bar. Had to comment this as it's a life changer for me. Hope this helps.