Option "block download" not showing

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Hi all,

I have around 10 users in 1 office who don't have the option "BLOCK DOWNLOAD" on their ODB apps.

They only see this option for Office files (Word, Excel, etc...) for non-office files such as PDF's, option is not showing.

Is that by default MS design or am I missing something?

If it is by default MS design, can you recommend some articles that would confirm this statement?


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We will be rolling the feature out to Targeted Release first so if you opt your tenant into the TR program, it should show up sooner. Hope that helps!

Stephen Rice

@Stephen Rice 


Can "Block Download" option used for entire folder which can have different files?

Looks like it's finally going to happen. The roadmap item has been set from 'In development' to 'Rolling out'.

@v_nagar, not yet but this is something we are looking at. 


@Stephan_Leistra, it definitely is! Rollout is on-going and you should be seeing it very soon!




Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

Any updates on the rollout status? And do the admins have to turn on this option or will it be available automatically when the rollout is done?
We're rolled out to 100% of Targeted Release now and will be moving onto Production tenants shortly! No admin configuration required! Once rolled out, users will see the option in the share experience. Thanks!

Stephen Rice
Senior Program Manager, OneDrive
Hi Stephen Rice,

I still do not see the “Block Download” available? Could I have your assistance with that.

Thank you
Just wanted to let everyone know that this feature is available now (or at least for our tenant)!
Thank you Stephen Rice for keeping us up-to-date.
Could I confirm that this feature is available for Microsoft 365 subscribers? I tried to check this feature out. However I do not see that “block download” is available.

Glad to hear it @Stephan_Leistra!

@Gabrielhuisg, the feature is now rolled out to 100% of Production for enterprise customers. Can you share a screenshot of what you are or aren't seeing? Thanks!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

@Stephen Rice Hi, I have a screen recording to show you that "Disable Download" is still unable to us. 


OneDrive Link:!As9ttKwzV75VoGUujTP4t-3gzH6_?e=Us0lhw

@Stephen Rice Here's the video uploaded

Hi @Gabrielhuisg,


Thanks for the video! Based on that, it looks like you are in the OneDrive consumer environment which does not currently support Block Download. This is definitely something we'll keep in mind for future but nothing to share about consumer support at this time. Thanks!

Stephen Rice

Senior Product Manager, OneDrive

I always have been thinking that it is consumer OneDrive that we were referring. I subscribed the Microsoft Office 355 package. Is that considered as well?
Unfortunately not, sorry! This feature is only available for enterprise customers at this time (also generally called Microsoft 365 though I don't recall the nuanced name differences). Apologies for the confusion!

Stephen Rice
Senior Product Manager, OneDrive
May I know who we could reach out to for this feature? Because GoogleDrive has been offering “block download” feature since the dawn of days. We need to compete with competitions out there who are offering Cloud Drive for Free and comes with “Block Download” feature. OneDrive is considered the major player in this field and definitely will consider more file sharing security features.

I believe it will be pretty basic and straight forward to the team to implement this feature. It’s probably whether they want to implement it or not only.

Could I have your help to raise this feature for them to implement?

Thanks so much for your help