One Drive for Business Integration with Raid 5

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We have a parity drive setup using Windows 10 Storage Space and some of our OneDrive/ Sharepoint Document libraries syncing to it. However we are receiving frequent issues where the Parity Drive will become offline due to critical write errors. Have run chkdsk and get no errors. This only happens when working in OneDrive/Sharepoint saved locations. Does OneDrive support Parity configured storage spaces? if so is there anything i can check or configure to prevent this from occurring?

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Can’t seem to find any references to this being supported or not specifically related to parity configurations but I’ll have my guess these two technologies aren’t really designed to fit together! The idea of Onedrive is having access to files and always be sure to have access to files even in a single case of failure, RAID has parity!
With that said it does according to below link support server 2008 - 2016 , and it is indeed a write operation which a RAID should be able to handle...

If you can’t get it to work properly and all you need is access to files, you could just map the folder! It’s not ideal and you loose some functionality , but it works