Move files to manager OneDrive for Business account from account disabled from OneDrive for Business

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I constantly am asked to (take disabled account) Jane Doe's OneDrive for Business account and move it to their manager's OneDrive for Business account.

I have to use a 3rd party to COPY the files from a site collection to b site collection, then I delete the files and put a shortcut to the location until the OneDrive account is deleted after x number of days.


Is there a way to MOVE them instead of copying and deleting?


When I go to move it shows my admin account and not the disabled account and then the manager's account or anyone's account.

If I were to setup a Power Automate workflow, would that even be possible?  I am NOT a developer.

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@Matthew Carter 

   I understand that you would like to move files from a disabled OneDrive for Business account to a manager’s OneDrive for Business account. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to move files from one OneDrive account to another.


  However, you can copy the files from the disabled account to the manager’s account by following these steps:

1.Sign in to OneDrive with your admin account.

2.Go to the user properties page of the disabled account and select OneDrive.

3.Under Get access to files, select Create link to files.

4.Select the link to open the file location.

5.Download the files to your computer or select Move to or Copy to to move or copy them to a shared library in your SharePoint site.

6.Alternatively, you can use a third-party tool like ShareGate or CloudMigrator365 that can help you migrate files from one OneDrive account to another


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@Deleted we are using Sharegate yet downloading hundreds of GB to then to upload them is not feasible. 

@Matthew Carter 

I understand your concern about the data transfer involved in moving files using ShareGate. Here are some steps you can follow to customize your migration job in ShareGate:

1.Select Copy from the menu.

2.Select the migration you want to perform.

3.Connect to your source environment.

4.Select the source target of your migration.

5.Click Next.

6.Connect to your destination environment.

7.Select the destination target of your migration.

8.Click Next.

9.Select the source content to migrate.

10.Click Options on the top right corner.

You will now be on the Copy options screen where you can customize your options to fit your migration job. Please note that depending on the type of migration you are performing, some options may or may not be available.

If you’re still facing issues, I would recommend reaching out to ShareGate’s support for more specific guidance.

Please note that while this process might still involve some data transfer, it would be handled by ShareGate itself, potentially making it more efficient than downloading and uploading the files manually.