Hide SharePoint libraries in OneDrive for business

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We have some critical confidential documents in one document library which normal user should not able to see. To achieve this i have hide this document library in SharePoint so normal user are not able to see this library under site contents.


But in when i opened the OneDrive app in browser, under "Shared Libraries" tab, i see my SharePoint site and when i clicked on that site, i can see all document libraries included hidden library also.


But when i open OneDrive app in mobile and go to "Shared Libraries" tab, i don't see that hidden document library.


I think that hidden document library either in OneDrive browser app or in OneDrive app in mobile should not be display.


I have hide document library using below PnP command.


Set-PnPList -Identity $ListName -Hidden $True

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How about just creating a separate private team site for this contents and only adding members who should have access, that way no one else will have any visibility and will not see the document library.

Cian suggestion is worth to try because you are not going to be able to customize ODFB