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Hi guys,


Is it possible to download a shared folder (onedrive/sharepoint) to your onedrive, online only and not syncing it to your pc? My friend sent me a gallery via sharepoint that's a few gb big and I don't want to download this onto my pc but would like to keep the files on onedrive. Been trying to google this for a while but haven't actually found a solution yet. there are only 3 options when I right click on the folder/files (preview, download and details)



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Should be possible, although not so straightforward. Open your ODFB, Shared with me, and locate the folder in question. Click on it, you will be taken to the location where it's stored. From there, you can select individual files and use the "Copy to" functionality, or go up one level, select the folder itself, copy to, point to where you want it copied.

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