Upload Blocked: We couldn't verify you have the necessary permissions to upload the file

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For the last several days, I have had this message in Word/Excel/PowerPoint when I have been editing files that are synced to my machine using OneDrive for Business. 


It also appears when I open a file direct from Word Online, SharePoint Online or Teams.


I have tried stopping the OneDrive sync, removing the files and then re-syncing, but I still get the same message.


My files that are stored in OneDrive for Business and not in SharePoint Online are fine and can be edited and synced as expected.


I am using Windows 10 Pro Build 1803


Any suggestions would be very welcome

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As of 12 June, following Windows updates, this issue has disappeared

I just went to upload a ppt to Sharepoint for a group project and I get that message!! ive signed out and signed in and still pops up! Microsoft please help

Get this message trying to open any Office 356 document


I'd love to solve this problem.  I too experience this error when editing a SharePoint file that is also stored through the One Drive utility

Upload Blocked we couldn't verify you have the necessary permission to upload file. Save a copy.
This message is on all my word documents.



It usually happens when one is logged in Windows with different Microsoft account and in OneDrive with another Microsoft Account.


Try to use same Microsoft account in Windows login, Microsoft Office and One Drive.


It solved the issue at our end. 

New to MO 2019 365 and trying to set up a new PC laptop. I'm getting this message when I try to open Word documents that I saved to OneDrive. How can I work around this message so I can access and edit these documents?


@ArchnaSingh   I am using the feature of having syncing OneDrive files from two different microsoft office accounts.  (OneDrive properties, Settings, Accounts, Add Account, Add second account) so switching accounts won't work in my situation.

@Joe_Kerr were you able to resolve this problem? I am stuck in the exact same scenario.