Option "block download" not showing


Hi all,

I have around 10 users in 1 office who don't have the option "BLOCK DOWNLOAD" on their ODB apps.

They only see this option for Office files (Word, Excel, etc...) for non-office files such as PDF's, option is not showing.

Is that by default MS design or am I missing something?

If it is by default MS design, can you recommend some articles that would confirm this statement?


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@Stephen Rice Hi Stephen - I noticed our mention of being able to block video download from OneDrive in the future. I was curious if you know that status on this potential update.




Hi @SONeill,


No news to share on this just yet. We are starting with Block Download support for Teams Meeting Recordings and will be looking to expand further in the future. Thanks!

Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

Hi @Stephen Rice,


I am based in UK and using a business account. The option of disabling download doesn't seem to be possible for videos, still. Will it be rolled out eventually?




Hi Lisa_JK,

This is in our plans but no timeline just yet. We will be starting with support for Teams Meeting Recordings. Thanks!

Stephen Rice
Senior Program Manager, OneDrive
Working on it! WTF. How lazy does one rich company get. Useless!
Sorry NOT!