User Setting to Automatically Encrypt Internal Mail

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I find myself setting internal emails to encrypt confidential and not editable whenever I mail people in my organization. Is it possible to make this the default setting for all internal emails so that I don't have to go through this manual step each time?

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Hi @NUProf 


I believe this can be done via Transport Rules - I don't think there is an option within Outlook to do this.


The above link might be a useful starting point.


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@HidMov I found this advice in a prior search, but AFAIK it only applies to O365 admins, not end users. This would be a useful option for users to set up in the rules. For instance, if recipient email has the same domain name, automatically set to confidential. It should be the end users' choice.

Hi @NUProf 


So far as I am aware, there isn't an option for end users to always encrypt internal emails from within Outlook - OWA/Outlook rules do not accommodate this and an Office 365 administrator will need to set up the relevant server-side transport rules to enable this for your mailbox.


It is possible to automatically assign certain labels to certain types of data, but Microsoft's approach is  that compliance/security should be driven by a organisations own policy on how data should be handled, so the tools are made available to compliance managers/administrators to enforce policy, not give users the option on how they should see it be enforced. - I've not done a deep search, but there may be others who wish to see the functionality you require so up voting feedback/creating new feedback may help get the ball rolling with what you want.




Thanks for the suggestion. I searched uservoice and did not see it. So I have created a new suggestion.