Microsoft Lists - how to move?

Is there a way to move a List, e.g. from my personal space to an Office365 Group? There does not seem to be a way to do this other than using workaround of export & import to Excel.
However, if I click "Export to Excel" from Lists, all I get is a file called query.iqy. Does anybody else experience this issue?
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Same isue here. Anyone?

I have this same problem.


@kristinholm From what I understand it is possible to copy lists between SP-sites. However if you've made a list in your own work space you're out of luck. Moving/copying isn't possible then.


I've recreated the list in a SP-site.

@Andre Siregar 
It seems that you can download the lists as indicated in this post SharePoint lists - How to move them from one site to another - Microsoft Community, but it is unclear to me how you can upload them again to the SharePoint site. What is your Excel workaround?

As previously mentioned the 'Export to Excel' seems the only option.


For anyone else, this is how I did it


1. In Microsoft Lists export to Excel (it will be an .iqy file extension)

In Microsoft Lists Export to ExcelIn Microsoft Lists Export to Excel



2. In Sharepoint site page click new list

In Sharepoint site page click new listIn Sharepoint site page click new list



3. Upload your excel file 

Create a new list from excel (and upload your excel file)Create a new list from excel (and upload your excel file)


To finish

Check the column types and choose a new type if the current selection is incorrect.

Check the column typesCheck the column types




I hope this helps


@bryandibben I followed your recommendation however when I tried to import the excel file I received the following error message. Help is much appreciated.



I think problem with Excel export and import is that it will not Export the comments so its not complete solution.
When you do the Export to Excel option, it saves it as a .csv
Before you add it to MS Lists, you'll need to:
- Format the data as a table with headers (open CSV, highlight data, click 'Format as Table' and select 'My table has headers)
- Save as .xls

Create the new list from your .xls file. You'll be prompted to match up the field types


You save your datas in excel and you can import them in a new list, but you loose all the column settings, isn't it?
I've a big list in 'My List' I would like to move it to a sharepoint site.

In this list the Columns have different settings and different format. If I use excel to keep the datas I loose the columns setting and format if I use the existing list to create the new one I keep the columns setting and format but loose the datas....

Do you have a solution to keep the both, column setting&format AND all the datas?

Thank you