Yealink MP56 Teams Application version transfer issue - 1449/

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We upgraded the Teams App version on one of our Yealink MP56 phones, to the latest version 1449/, Via the Teams admin center.


This has introduced a new Transfer button on phone screen. Pressing the new transfer button then gives you the option to select either Transfer or Consult First. 

The operator of this phone has complained that pressing this new button does not always bring up the Transfer or Consult First selection page, and the user is then stuck. I can not tell if it not detecting her finger press or detecting the press and not bringing up the transfer/consult page. 


How can I fix/de-bug/or rollback the Teams App Version?


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@mikeyjul I am working on the Yealink devices, I am managing Yealink MP56 devices using Microsoft Teams Admin Centre, I updated the firmware last month and yesterday I updated the Teams App for more than 600 Yealink Devices, I don't have any issue with any device.

it's working very properly.

if you have any other device, you can test and check in that device, may be here is issue with the device not Application.


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@mikeyjul a customer of us has the same issue, the transfer button is greyed out. (Using a Yealink MP54)


I have same issue on MP56 and Polycom CCX600
I restored the MP56 back to factory settings, and set up again for the user, and it now functions as expected. That old on/off trick...

@mikeyjul I have users with the exact same issue after an update last week. I'll try the factory reset, but fear that this is a feature bug, and will return upon the next update. Wish me luck.

EDIT: Settings>Call Settings>Lightweight Calling Experience>Off
This restored the familiar menu functionality, including much faster, more functional transfers.

Teams App: 1449/

This Lightwieght calling thing is HORRIBLE:


I walked around to about 25 phones and manually turned OFF this horrible Lightweight Calling Experience setting that is on by default in the new Poly Phone Teams App latest version.


This immediately fixed our problems with:


Constant Dropped Outgoing calls

Call Transfer broke – drops the calls.

Call Park either Missing and or drops the calls.

Random Static on ongoing calls

Random dropping of incoming calls.



Hi, we experienced a slightly different issue with the latest version of the desk phone Teams app, when the operator transfers or dial a number, they are only given 3 seconds to complete the number before the auto dialler starts. The only way to fix the issue is factory reset the phone in order to get it back to a previous version of the Teams desk phone app.

@mikeyjul We had the same issue as well after the update, I have have to downgrade the firmware to 2 version back to get it working again and turned off the Enable lightweight calling experience off .


Currnetly testing on another device with latest update and Enable lightweight calling experience off the transfer now works 



FYI We had to revert back to factory settings on our phones too in the end!
So Teams app version now 1449/
How do you turn off Lightweight calling experience?

@mikeyjul Hi, MS confirmed today that the auto dialling issued is going to be fixed in the  next FW release.


Reply from MS support below.


I highlighted this issue to my technical lead and the next level of support in which they looked into the issue and informed me that from analysis, the next firmware update will fix the issue for the affected device”

You need to use the Teams Admin centre and create a configuration profile, then assign to the devices.
lets hope so, as every time they fix something the seem to break something else
I am experiencing the same issue with the auto-dialing after the Teams upgrade, I'm also opening support could you provide your case number for reference?


Hi, the ticket number is 33632674. MS didn't say when the next FW will be available to fix the issue. The setback in rolling back the FW is you lose the new features they brought in, i.e., Transfer and consult from the touch screen.

this setting appears to have disappeared from all phones - it is like this option does not exist anymore?
It is there, at least on the Yealink MP56. In Settings > Calling under the Calling Experience heading. But I do not see any way to globally turn this feature off using a configuration profile as one user suggested.


You need to assign a Configuration Profile to the phones through the Teams Admin Center. That's the easiest way to do it.



If you're referring to the Advanced Calling switch, that setting's tool tip and other documentation indicates it only applies to phones with a common area phone license. I want to turn off the lightweight calling experience for Teams users. Also, that setting is already turned off and it has had no effect on the lightweight calling experience setting on our MP56 Teams phones.