Why Teams is slowing down my Mac?

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It's been a while since I've been having issues with my MacBook Pro 16" performance while using teams for example in a call or in a live event, and I can't even think of having the app open while editing a video or editing some graphics in Illustrator or Photoshop...


Microsoft Teams "Helper" is using over 1 GB of RAM while just open + 200 mb the app itself, while in a call gets crazy... 


Has anyone having this issue??


My Mac's system overview is:


- MacPro 16" 2019

- 2.6 GHz 6-Core i7

- 16 gb RAM

- AMD Radeon Pro 5300 4GB

- Intel UHD 630 

- 520 SSD


Help please!!!

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@CharlieArellano Hey guys please sign this petition and maybe we can have some hope for an optimised version of Teams for MacOs. Sign petition macOS Optimisation for MS Teams 



Thank you.  this fixed the issue I was having.  MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2019) 

Je travaille avec mon MacBook Pro (Retina, 15 pouces, mi-2015)
OS Mojave
16 Go 1600 MHz DDR3
2,5 GHz Intel Core i7
Teams est infernal. Il mange toutes les capacités du Mac et impossible de lancer une autre application comme par exemple Chrome, PDF, Keynote, PowerPoint pour le partager ! Un comble puisque c'est l'intérêt de l'outil.
Je me suis abonné mais c'est une cata. Bilan obligé d'utiliser un patit PC pour cela c'est idiot. Je bascule sur Google Meet ou Zoom et là vraiment aucun soucis sur Mac.

I am having the same problem for over 6 months. I am having to make meeting on the phone while I use the computer. It is impressive! It gets so slow I can't do any other activity. 
I am using a MacBook Air 2020 8GB RAM, Intel i5 1.1, OS Monterey.

This problem is around over one year. 

@MrPeterson The petition that @beppemar had us sign fixed it?  

It really just makes zero sense to me why my MPB always goes into Software decoding enabled when it has a Radeon video card... i mean what is a GPU for if not decoding some simple video!!!

@brtbendeleThe problem is that the Intel MBP 16 inch has a GPU overheating issue. I cannot use anything which uses the GPU intensivly, like video calls, connecting an external monitor or any other graphics software with too much GPU usage.
This MBP series is 50% useless and bad engineered. And the Apple support is trying to find as many excuses as possible....


I have a Sennheiser USB connected headset. After disconnecting, Teams connects and disconnects from meetings instantly. Thanks for the tip!

So, I have suffered from the same, and found a solution, that comes with a price tag, since I had to buy a EGPU, but I also don't have a discrete GPU in my MAC.

To make a long story short, you need to
* leave GPU acceleration turned on
* disable logging and effects
* turn on GPU preference on the teams application - or any application running on your external monitor really (manually via ctrl+shift i in finder, or using
* now for the fun part: I absolutely have to start my mac (from sleep or cold, doesn't matter) without power (and monitor, not sure about that part) plugged in.

This way Teams works nicely not only on the In-Built display, but also on my 39" + 27" Eizos on top - obviously after I plug them in together with power later.

Hope this helps. And if Microsoft is reading this, I am happy to give you some help on this issue, which now I can reproduce and seriously killed my patience before.

I suffered this problem in 2020 and at some stage it went away, perhaps due to a software upgrade. Then recently in 2022 when I upgraded to Ventura it all came back again. The common issue for me is the use of an external screen when on a Teams call, with the worst performance experienced with more people participating in the Teams call.


I have found a potential solution: to use Teams as an app within Microsoft Edge for Mac.

  • First download and install Edge
  • Run Teams as a web app within Edge, log in to Teams
  • Press the three dots at the top right corner of the Edge window, select Apps and then choose "Install page as app" or similar prompt

This creates a free-standing Teams app on your Mac. Each time you run it, it will also run Edge. You can safely ignore Edge, and just use the free-standing Teams app. This may seem a bloated sledgehammer to crack a nut, but I have not been able to sort out Teams any other way. So far this has worked for me - it seems to have all the Teams features and so far hasn't killed the processor or performance when using multiple screens.

@ggfox I have the same issue, when an external monitor, via HDMI or DisplayPort, makes my mac stuck and too hot.


When a monitor is disconnected, still very slow but does not complete freeze.


Any tip what is happening?

@AlastairLord I spoke too soon on this fix. The Edge-based Teams app has its own share of problems.


The only sure-fire solution I have at the moment is to disconnect my external monitor and run the native MacOS Teams app. It shakes a bit but is just about good enough for calls. So frustrating.

@AlastairLordI found a physical solution which is not elegant but works most of the time. I've bought a laptop stand with two big fans built-in. So the Mac is not overheating too much since the external fans cool the MacBook's enclosure - which leads to less work for the Mac's internal fans. And in the end the macOS kernel process is not triggered to "create" too much IDLE / cpu time consumption (which slows or freeze macOS).
So with the laptop stand's fans turned on I can use Teams (or whatever other video-call software) and an external monitor connected via a USB-C->DisplayPort cable.
Works in 85% of the cases.

Yes I have done the same, jacking up the laptop on three erasers of all things... and pointing a fan to blow from the back to the front of the laptop. For me this helps sometimes, but when I get >2 people on the call, I usually have to disconnect the screen or at all goes to hell in the end. It drives me nuts that this problem has been around for years, and Apple/MS have seen fit not to address it properly. Argh.



I have a 2016 MacBook Air. May I ask if these issues are only limited to MBP? I was considering a new MBP15


my problem is PowerPoint files shared on Teams for other remote collaborators. Edits display perfectly in my iPad but on my Mac it’s like I changed nothing. 

Last presentation I uploaded 10 hours ago but seems nothing is refreshing. 

I pay for my Microsoft office licence  that I’m obliged to have for work. 

Problems only appear on my Mac but too fiddly to edit PowerPoint via iPad 


thanks for any help