Video in Teams causes Surface Pro to overheat

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My Surface Pro has been getting really, really hot during video calls in Teams. Today it got so hot that it caused a shutdown.


Why is the camera so systems intensive? Can you please add a setting to allow reduced video load?


It seems crazy that a Microsoft product would run so poorly on a Microsoft device.


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Unfortunately this is the reality we have with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Surface Pro :-(. I also have a Surface Pro and I'm aware of this pain, but for now we don't have any news about when this performance problems are going to be solved
We had the same issue and have now moved all our users over to another brand of non MS personal device sadly. We tried no video for calls but it is a collaboration and video product so this seemed pointless.

@barrieg Similar experience for me.  We have now embargoed further purchase of Surface Pro in our organisation ( a pity as in all other regards it was a superb device.) Have currently selected the Dell 7320 Detachable, which has copied the Surface form factor, as a replacement.   Camera, mic and speakers not as good - but if it can handle the demands of Teams without everything else grinding to a halt we will probably stick with it.

Has this overheating camera/surface problem been resolved when using teams? Apparently, this happens too when using Zoom or any software that uses the camera.


Thanks in advance. 

Have Surface PRO 7 and sometimes get camera sw stuck. Means camera led is on and camera service consumes about 30-40% of CPU time and in short time the computer starts overheat.


Today, I had to switch camera on my Teams call off because of the overheating too. I see here three possible issues - not handled any of them yet unfortunately.

  • Camera driver/SW is broken
  • Teams uses camera ineffectively  (with effects disabled)
  • Effects on Camera (blur, background) overloads CPU while computing video stream during the call.



I decreased PL2 limit to 12W in ThrottleStop to solve this issue. 

I came here to find another solution but it is what it is.