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Every once in a while I would like to post a message in a team with the email address of someone to contact for more information. If they're in the group I can do this very easily using @... However, if they're out of the group I would like to put a hyperlink in. In Outlook this can be achieved using Ctrl+k and using mailto: for the link.


This method doesn't work for me in Teams. I get an error message saying it's invalid.


Has anyone succeeded in putting an email link in a post or is that functionality not available within Teams?

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Hi @hardingam

I have opened a uservoice for you here

It works in the mobile client, but can't get it to place dice in the desktop or web. There ought to be a consistent experience across the apps. Mailto: doesn't work, hyperlinked under formatting doesn't work, html etc.

So would recommend voting to push it up the agenda. Once you vote you will be notified if it gets picked up from Microsoft

Best, Chris

Thanks, @Christopher Hoard. I've upvoted your suggestion. Seems an obvious thing to include to me but perhaps you and I are in the minority?



@hardingam I am able to paste the link into a post from another source, but I am not able to create the link in the post editor in Teams. Also, once I have pasted it, I am not able to edit it. (I can, however, delete it, and then re-paste it again.)

Links, when created in Teams, must start with https, apparently. 

I agree that they should allow the creation of links beginning with mailto.

Why does every group within Microsoft seem to reinvent the wheel instead of reusing things components that have already been built.  I know they are starting to do some of that across the Office products but **bleep** this is just stupid that you can't use a mailto link!  I wonder how much time it took them to decide on how they wanted to do that instead of working on other features?


Upvoted on uservoice

In embedded web views in a Teams app, mailto links work on desktop but not mobile. I get a "Please try again" message without further context. Terrible user experience.

This nipped me to today, and the uservoice link results in 404 not found.



Any suggestions on how to upvote adding support for mailto links in Teams posts?  Thanks, Peter

Thanks for opening and posting this, Chris. Does the link now result in a 404 error for you, also? I'd like to upvote this somehow. Thanks, Peter
In a recent Teams chat with a teammate, an email address typed in was converted to a mailto link by prefixing with mailto:. So maybe this is moot now?

@pspung - still an issue if you want to set the link text for the mailto link. Basically you can't use the Insert link feature to edit the link or its link text if it has "mailto:" in it. It just says "Invalid URL" and greys out the Insert button.  

Hi @pspung The new site for feature requests is the Teams Feedback Portal: Microsoft Teams · Community

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@Therese_Solimeno @Lorien 


I reproduced it and opened this new feedback


Support mailto:// in the address field for Hyperlinks in Chat Formatting · Community (


Hope that answers your question. I'd like to see this so please vote up!


Best, Chris

Why do these things take months and years to fix? This was first noted in 2020


Update on this for anyone still looking, a couple solutions(tested on Mac):
mailto:// is now mailto:blahblah@
Copy & paste from Outlook(Desktop) will remove the mailto:

Both of these options work in Teams.

@Drarelle We are still unable to change the display text, however, which was mentioned in the comments.


I would like the ability to write something like, "Contact me here, here or here" and each "here" have had a different hyperlink to my phone number, my email address and my teams chat link.