Unable to Join Meet Now Links Without Managed Account

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I've been interviewing for jobs and I've had to start specifying that I'm unable to meet using Teams because the "Join Meeting" links created by companies that use managed accounts ONLY open in the "Teams (work or school)" app that's new in Windows 11. When that app opens, I must be signed in with a managed account or else it doesn't work.


Is there any way to force a meeting link to be opened/joined by the Home/Small Business version of Teams that's been new with Windows 11? Otherwise, I'm screwed in not being able to meet with anyone who's created a meeting using the Business version of Teams which is absolutely ridiculous and unimaginably frustrating. Having 2 apps for Teams has been one of the most backwards decisions Microsoft has made since Vista.

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@MarcTrep The Work/School version of Teams does not need to be signed in to join a meeting. Click the Join Meeting link and it will open straight to the meeting.


Alternatively join using a browser only, pretty much the same experience as having the desktop client anyway.

@StevenC365That's what I thought, but it almost always asks me to sign in when the program opens. Sometimes I am able to access the pre-meeting setup, but it will usually prompt a sign-in or just flat lock-up when trying to join the meeting. I just don't understand why Microsoft split Teams into 2 programs for no reason.

@MarcTrep- as Steven mentioned, the web option sounds like it may be best for you. If the link is automatically opening the Teams app when the link is clicked, you may need to see if you can disable that in the browser.