Trouble getting a Team to display

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I work/volunteer with several organizations that use Teams. I am fairly new to Teams. I accepted an invite to a team via an email link (labeled "T" in the images below). However, whenever I navigate to another team, Team "T" disappears. I am unable to get Team "T" back unless I sign out of Teams, quit teams, and then click the email link again to join the group.


When Team "T" is selected, all teams displayWhen Team "T" is selected, all teams display


When Team "E" is selected, Team "T" does not displayWhen Team "E" is selected, Team "T" does not display


Does anyone know how I might be able to get Team "T" to display in my list of teams permanently?

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@tealpete It is possible I am wrong but as I interpret it from the picture, there are two different tenants that these teams belong to. When you are a guest in a tenant, you do not see the teams that resides in another tenant that you are guest in. Thus, you have to "jump" between the different tenants to be able to work in the different teams.

@Magnus Goksøyr Would you mind clarifying what you mean by "tenant?"
”An organizations Microsoft 365”/Their toolbox that includes Teams, Sharepoint, mail etc.
@Magnus Goksøyr Referring back to the screenshots, both show the same email address for me beneath my name (blacked out for privacy reasons, but I can attest that they match). However, I noticed that my name (blacked out top line) is spelled differently between the two screenshots. Specifically, my name when I'm logged into Team "T" matches my email address, whereas my name when I am logged into Team "E" is my full name. Do you think this might be the issue?

If so, how would you suggest it be resolved? Would that be something I could resolve on my end or would that have to be done by the administrator of Team "T"?
No, i think you are a guest in two organizations and for me it looks like everything is correct. You cannot view both organizations teams at the same time. You need to ”switch” between them in order to see and/or use each organizations team/teams.

@Magnus Goksøyr I should clarify, I am not trying to see both teams simultaneously on the left menu. I am trying to be able to toggle between the two teams in the upper righthand corner. As I mentioned in my original post, when I am in Team "T," I can still see Team "E" and navigate to it. When I switch to Team "E," Team "T" disappears, so I am unable to navigate to Team "T" when I am in Team "E." Please let me know if the images don't make sense and I can try to find another way to explain my problem.

Would anyone be able to help me resolve this issue?
@Magnus Goksøyr Do you have any ideas on how I might be able to resolve this issue?
Hello? Would anyone be able to help me resolve this issue?
Try this one and if it does not solve it i recommend that you contact Microsoft support.
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@tealpete This looks like a frustrating issue!


One thing I would like to point out is that your terminology is not quite right when you are talking about "Team 'T'" and "Team 'E'". It would be more correct to call these "Organization 'T'" and "Organization 'E'". I only point this out because it will ensure a more efficient conversation if you do choose to contact Microsoft Support for assistance with this.


One workaround I would suggest would be to try signing in to Teams using the browser (at instead of using the desktop app. You may find it helpful to access one Organization using the app and another using the browser. You can even sign in to multiple organizations in the browser by opening them in different browser profiles (Sign in and create multiple profiles in Microsoft Edge).


Hope this helps!

Thanks @Magnus Goksøyr! This is helpful to know!
@Ryan Steele This appears to be a workaround that works for what I need!

Also, thanks for the clarification on the terminology. As you might be able to tell, this is unfamiliar territory for me. :face_with_tears_of_joy: