Track meeting time attendances per participant

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As part of my job, I need to track for several meetings with several participants, who attended and their time attendance. Therefore I can bill them accordingly by the end of the month. 


For instance, I can send a meeting invite for one hour. The meeting will take 1h30 instead of the initial plan. 

- Participant A will connect only for 30 minutes

- Participant B will not be present

- Participant C will stay for 1h15 minutes 


I need to do this for several meetings with changing participants for each one. creating a channel/team using insight seemed not compatible 

Thank you very much



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Thank you @Steven Collier for this. I will ask my admin to add this feature for me. 

This needs to be downloaded at the end of the meeting after all attending disconnect ? Can I access this report after the meeting is over (at the end of the month to consolidate and bill once for all)


Thank you very much !

Thank you very much @ChristianBergstrom for those links and the developments to come. Looking forward to them as they will be very helpful. 

Would they apply on the meeting that happened already in last months ?


I wish I can type the name of a person and I can see all the meeting I had with the person, meeting name, date and duration !

Thanks again