Teams Personal and Teams Free not working.

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I logged on to Teams' Windows app and it did not recognize my account.  I then registered for Teams for Free and tried to log on to Teams' Windows app and it did not recognize my account.  I worked with Microsoft personal support and they were able to get my Teams' Window app to work.  However, Live Captioning does not work.  The personal support said that this feature is not available for Teams Personal so we tried logging on to my Teams Free but experienced the same issue.  Both Teams are under the same email.  I need to be able to access the appropriate Teams version on the Windows app in order to use Live Captioning.


The personal support suggested that I reach out to business support for advanced trouble shooting on this issue.  Multiple support chat personnel have worked with me for over three hours today and it would be nice to get this issue addressed so I can focus on interviewing.


Any suggestions would be great!



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Hello, sorry but cannot reproduce the issue. When I sign into my Teams free org. I have live captioning as an option within the meeting under "More actions". When using the org/tenant switcher from the top right corner in Teams and change to my personal account (Teams for personal use) it's not available and it shouldn't be either. Can't say why you cannot see it in your Teams free org.

Seems as the support has tried many things but maybe you should force an update of the current version you're using to see if there's any difference

@ChristianBergstrom When I signed up for Teams Free, I used the same email that I had for Microsoft 365 Family.  Is that why the Teams Free will not show up - same emails for both?

Hello, can't say. Maybe. If possible perhaps you need to create a new account and set up a new Teams free org.
I set up an new email account and it attached the new email to a personal account.... This is ridiculous that I have all this difficulty just because one version of Teams does not have live captioning... Is there another way to enable live captioning or even reset Teams account to free?
Just follow this step-by-step, do not use an address already signed up for Teams as you have all these issues.