Teams on Mac hangs on opening until "Could not connect to server" message appears

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A member of my team is having an issue opening the MS Teams (Mac) app on her iMac (identical to mine).


We deleted the cache files, then associated files, and re-installed Teams before posting this.


Basically, when she opens MS Teams, she gets the "spinning wheel" for about a minute. At the end of the minute, we get the OSX "Cannot connect to Server", where x's are our local server that we currently do not have access to (working from home). I have ALSO tried disabling the NIC for this device.


We cannot locate ANYTHING in Teams that may be looking for this IP address, even shortcuts in chats.


I have the log file and can't see anything clearly out of order.


Any ideas??



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Greetings Matthew,

I have the same problem with an user with the latest Catalina update. Did you ever solve this problem?

We’ve got the same issue, did you solve it?

@Matt_1975 Greetings Matt,


The problem for me was that before launching Microsoft Teams, the shared folders connected to the Mac was forced to be online. After a lot of troubleshooting my problem was solved by deleting the shared folders on the Mac, thereafter Teams could start normally.


Really wacky problem/solution though...

@LinusKarlsson thanks, how do you delete shared folders? or which shared folders!

No not yet, have you? can't believe not more people have had it, I've had two users now. It's almost like it's remembering a link or document that has been shared but clearing those without logging in is an issue.

@Matt_1975 Greetings,

Earlier this year I attached a shared folder to the MAC, these shared folders can be found at users and group if I remember correctly.

@LinusKarlsson sorry users and groups where? in Microsoft 365? Are you clear that it's ONLY when starting Teams that it hangs for us -  eventually asking for this server.

ie not when the user logs into the mac, as that would try and and mount a volume if it was in the users & groups users startup items but it's not present, the machine operates normally unless we try to use Teams.

Therefore as I mentioned it's Teams asking for this server.

@MattPetersen Some issue here. I thought I was alone.

What's worse is I added a new Team -- and now I have to wait for it to try to connect to the server TWICE. Frustrating.

@DrN8PhD I have the exact same issue.  Teams has decided that whenever I open or close it, it cannot comply until it mounts a specific network share that I have.  It's a NAS device with a folder called "backup".

With Teams closed, I unmount Backup.  Open Teams, and Teams causes the volume to be mounted before opening.


With teams open, I unmount Backup.  Quit Teams, and Teams causes the volume to be mounted before closing.

When I am on my work VPN they block access to my Backup volume.  This means that I have to wait for Teams to time out attempting to mount it whenever I open or close it.

Same here: MacBook Pro, all software up to date on Big Sur. Problem persisted since Catalina.

It waits for two (!) NAS shares to mount (one regular share and one Time machine share); works per se quite fast. But as mobile user, I am working in different places. And whenever I am outside my home network, I also have to wait for the process to time out. 

This is very annoying when you have someone on the phone "...let me pull up teams real quick and have a look..."

All my data concerning work/TEAMs are on sharepoint, I access them via TEAMs or OneDrive. TEAMs has no business reading or writing on my NAS-shares and therefore should not have to wait until these are mounted.

Same problem here: All together we have three different users - all on Catalina - on two different locations.

Startup of Teams takes forever and tries to connect to internal file share, which doesn´t work in home office.

At one location the fils share isn´t even sharing files anymore, but they are all served through sharepoint.

I tried to replicate the behaviour through trying to share a file from the smb share, but I only receive an error message I can´t read fully because it is in preview mode and doesn´t show up anywhere else.

Did anyone of you contact MS support about this?

@amd_andy I did.  I scheduled a session with a tech and demonstrated the issue to him.  I sent him console logs, and even provided a wireshark capture of the networking.  He is currently sending me daily emails to let me know how things are going.  So far basically none of the devs have had time to look at it, but at least he keeps giving me updates (making me think it won't get lost).

That´s great news, thank you! Then I can only hope that it really won´t get lost ;)
@LawsonCulver have there been any updates on this front from the Teams team?
Kind of... They had me uninstall the entire Office suite, along with Teams and OneDrive. I also had to manually clean up some files. Installed ONLY Teams and it still mounted my drive on startup. I sent them system logs where Teams is requesting the drive be mounted, and I sent them Wireshark logs of the network traffic.

They kept saying they were looking into it, and then they tried to close the ticket without resolving it. I honestly think they still don’t know why their program keeps trying to mount my backup drive.

They asked me on Thursday to run a new tool and send them results, but I’m planning on doing it on Monday.

@LawsonCulverthanks for reverting! I am facing the issue too, and wanted to check if they are still working on debugging it.

@MattPetersen i have the same issue. Teams keeps on looking for a volume that doesn't exist anymore. Tried to reinstall teams entirely - no effect. A few months ago it tried to mount it once, now I have to wait until THREE timeouts before I can use Teams - very frustrating


I'm having the same issue on a few of my users.

@Ronald_Lange: the 1->3 transition is something I experienced too: when I installed teams, I had no remote drives mounted, all was fine. Once I mounted a remote drive, I started getting this timeout once while launching (I don't remember if it would wait while quitting too). Now, I have to wait for three timeouts before teams launches. I have not tried uninstall / reinstall, an "annoying but limping along" installation of teams currently holds more value than not having teams at all.