Teams notifications not appearing over remote desktop connection

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After the most recent Teams updates, users who are running teams on their local device, but using the remote desktop connection to connect into another server, cannot see their notifications appear over the remote desktop connection. As a result calls are missed and messages are unread for longer than desired - overall significantly reducing the efficiency of our communication. Is there anything we can do to configure notifications to appear over the remote desktop connection, just like any other application that is set to full screen?

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We have disabled SfB this week and moved all our staff to Teams only, 75% our staff access via Remote Desktop and since last Teams update not receiving notifications.
I understand this is due to a recent Teams update which was pushed, is there any idea of when a fix will be forthcoming? This is a major piece of software which needs to function correctly in order to be of any use.
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@jonrgibson is there any update on this?

Also requesting an update on this issue.

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