Teams Name Doesn't show correctly

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I have a user that left the company and then came back. She had changed her name so when we reactivated her email and AD account we just made the name change.  Everything looks right accept when someone looks her up in Teams. It still show her old name. I have cleared all of the Teams cache's, I have checked O365, Azure and Offline Global Address book. They are all correct to the new name. The only issue is when someone looks her up in teams. They then have her old name to chat to. Is there somewhere I can find to correct this issue?  Please let me know if you need any info to help diagnose this issue. It doesn't make sense to me.  


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See here: 


Changing a display name of a user in MS Teams - Microsoft Tech Community


Most likely propagation. It's well known, and some administrators have found this typically takes up to 24 hours and some even 48 hours - and have needed to logout/login for it to take effect. Recommended to check periodically every 4 hours or so and if this goes past 48 hours then raise a ticket to support to look further into it and open a case.


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That's what I thought at first but this has been going on for a month. That was my next thing to do, was hoping to solve it without escalating to support. Thanks