Teams icon greyed out for new activations.

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Hi, has anyone seen this before? I’m signed in on two different devices (both Macs running 11.4 with the latest version of O365), the first was signed in around March / April time this year and has the Teams meeting icon available, the one l activated yesterday has the meetings icon greyed out. I’ve tried the licence reset tool, removing all signed in devices from the admin portal, removing and installing the entire suite with the office removal tool, removing everything and installing and activating an older version of office and letting it update and not update and it never comes back. 


The capability still exists to create Teams meetings from within the Teams app, and through the web portal so it appears to be a client-side activation issue





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@ThereseSolimeno  Thanks for your reply.

I'm afraid not, the issue is it appears in the menu bar, but is inactive for new activations of Office 365 but only in the Outlook app. I can still create teams meetings via the Teams app and through the outlook client on the web.


Outlook version is 16.50 (21061301)

Teams Version is