Teams glitch when exiting lobby

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Hi All, 

I've been having some issues recently when joining calls when I have to access the meeting via the lobby.


When I'm in the lobby there is no issues. However, the meeting owner would then approve my admission to the meeting & my teams will glitch. The glitch causes a teams restart, I see the glitch error and I also lose access to both my speaker & microphone.


Initially I couldn't get through the lobby at all but I've changed some settings on team for device access & cleared the cache where appropriate. Since this, it's gotten a bit better but not solved. Now, if I go right back into the meeting after this issue, I can get through the lobby perfectly fine (but I have no camera, speaker, or mic). These eventually come back after a few minutes, so I can finally hear the meeting & respond to those in the meeting.


Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? 
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I guess the same thing does not happen from Teams Web, right?
Do you get any error id?
What happens if you try to enter without the camera?

Hi @Andres Gorzelany 


I've never used Teams web, only the application. usually when asking a meeting and teams web pops up it redirects through the app anyway. 

There's no error code shown, the message is usually something along the lines of 'there was a glitch, we have restarted and should be ok to go' on a bar at the top of my teams app. 


Same thing, it doesn't matter how i enter the lobby. Once the meeting organizer accepts me into the meeting, my screens 'blink' off and on & my teams is already in the process of restarting. 

It's very odd I have to say 

Can you give it a try from Teams web? To try to understand if the issue is limited to the Desktop version?