Teams for Calling with front door security system - New Office Planning NEED ADVICE

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We are "all in" with Microsoft 365 and Teams Calling (using computers and mobile phone apps).  Our office is serverless.  We are renovating a new location and I want to plan for a front door entry and security system.  What do I need to know now (currently we are in the early stages of demolition) for planning.  We rent in our current location so I have not needed to purchase my own front door system in the past.  Can this all be done wirelessly or via POE these days connected to WHAT?  I really need to know what I need to plan for in terms of wiring (if anything).  What 3rd party technology or partners would do this type of work or at least consult on it?


Thanks for any tips.

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Hi @Christine Stack,

maybe this other thread helps:

This seems to be a seamlessly integrated (front) door bell/intercom option for Teams.

@Christine Stack

Asking the same question 1 year later. Our new building will be complete summer 2021 and we are working on security and front door systems now.  We are 100% Teams for calling and 100% serverless.  I am wondering what the Team group thinks of


@Christine Stack Did you ever find a simple door station/intercom solution that did not require a combination of 3rd party products to work? I'm interested in the same.

@Christine Stack We are currently working on this solution for another client- Please let me know how I can help. 



2N is a reputable product in the physical security space