Teams Channel - Messages Not In Chronological Order

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We are in a private channel under a Team and the messages are not in chronological order. This is not an example where someone replied to a message from hours ago and it pushed the conversation down. 

It appears they were each new post, but they came in stamped:




Making it very hard for the user to follow some specific instructions. The feed shows the correct order, but the chat windows doesn't.  Any help is appreciated. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 10.49.16 AM.png

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@Aaron_Bennett75 The message at the bottom has a reply, that's made it the most recently changed message so it's at the bottom. The point is to be in the order of most recent changes.

Actually. in addition to what Steven said, and I can't remember fully but I think if you see the message on screen and don't navigate away it always won't reorder till the screen is redrawn.

Anyway, beside that, it appears you don't have the replies on for notification unless you reply to it or "turn on notifications" for the post, so the reply that occurred would not update the "time" of the message in the activity feed since your "new post" event happened in that order with the time stamps of the actual event notification occuring. If you had notifications turned on for that reply it would have updated the activity feed with whatever time that reply happened in your feed and have a different reply icon on it and order.

If your using instructions I'd say use a single post with replies for each, or just make one large post for it so it can't be split up. I believe you can also pin messages now, so that's always an option. Or if it's a channel with just those messages you can local a channel from users replying in channel moderation.

Thank you. This is very helpful and really appreciate the timely reply.
Thanks Chris.