Teams call and share from two different devices

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How to connect a teams call from phone and share screen to same person from laptop? currently it puts one device on hold. (This is ad-hoc call to a person from teams chat window and NOT scheduled meeting)
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@Akashswami1992 Same question and issue here.  The new ribbon drop down they added makes it easy to add multiple devices to scheduled meeting.  However, if somebody calls me on Teams, and I answer on my mobile device, I can't share my screen on another device without putting the teams call on hold on my mobile.  When operating in a scheduled meeting, I can easily connect multiple devices and share from any of them while keeping audio and video running on phone.

@karld1: exactly... You have explained the issue in a better way. Waiting to hear back from MS teams support team.
I hope Microsoft will look into this issue.

It's really is a turn down we can't use Teams simultaneously to call and to share screen from different devices.


EXACT same issue here.  I remote into a "virtual" machine & not only is the video quality horrible, so is the audio.  So, I use Teams on my iPhone for video & audio - this works great in scheduled meetings, since I can also join the meeting on my machine to see shared documents.  I cannot do it if someone just calls me, though.  It's SUCH a pain!  Going on 2 years working around this & am hoping that someone comes up with a way to not just transfer the call, but to join the call from another device.