Teams audio issues with New Teams

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We have suddenly started to have users reporting that they are suffering audio issues and random muting over the last few days. I believe the majority of the users are using wired Jabra headsets with new Teams. Is anyone else getting reports of this, and does anyone have any ideas about either the cause or the remedy, other than the usuals (update drivers, clear Teams cache, etc.)?

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@AlanDay595 we are also having audio issues while using the new teams. We switch back to old/original teams and users do not have the issue. In new teams we notice the bitrate, round trip long is longer/higher under call health settings.



We have had a few cases now as well, same issue where the old client doesnt have a problem but new one does.  We also tried numerous audio devices on the PC to see if it was a specific headset but all had the same issue. In the teams admin center it just shows "poor audio quality due to network device".


Normally i would say this is a driver issue, but we went through that as well.

Which Version number do you use at the moment ? I guess you are on a Win11 OS, ...which build you are on -- 22H2 ?
What happen if you use teams in a browser session (v2) ?


We are experiencing the same issues with several users - and we are all using Jabra headsets :\
We've now got Microsoft and 8x8 looking at the issue, along with a couple of our own engineers to try and tie down what is causing the issue and find either a reliable work-around or a more permaqnent solution. If we get anywhere, I'll post it.
Awesome! A small group of us have now tried to delete/reinstall the drivers, but it's too soon to see if it makes a difference - will update in a day or two :)