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I am exploring Teams to if this could be used as Service/Support/Helpdesk solutions ?

Please provide with your expert suggestion on for this sort Teams Usage




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Hi @Himanshu Singh,

I guess it depends on the functionality you need and the outputs. If you mean could it be used as a forum for users and guests to have their questions answered? Yes it could and I know several businesses today doing this. Will Teams operate like a mature support application like Zendesk? Then the answer is no not at the current time. It doesn't currently allow things like case/ticket management for example. It can't report on SLA's, it wouldn't be able to give users an update on the status of their enquiry or issue.

However, you can integrate apps like ZenDesk with Microsoft Teams - and I know that the Microsoft team is considering doing something like this in the future.

So all in all, I would say at the current time I would use an app such as Zendesk and plug it into Teams as to trying to make Teams do something it hasn't got the features for to provide a high quality support/helpdesk experience for both users and the customers.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi @Himanshu Singh,

I think it depends on your demands for the "servicemodule". The combination of Teams and Planner boards can be a powerful thing but for most cases, the abilities are too limited as already mentioned above.


In any case, Teams/Planner is a great thing to support your Service team especially when your Service module is integrated into the team.



Only way teams can make a viable support system is utilizing the underneath SharePoint site and building out some lists to handle ticket tracking and using the new list modules for searching and send to access the different lists. But Teams itself. No way I would ever use it for support outside of a communication tool for direct questions and responses. If that’s the only requirement then fine a guess only if volume is extremely low.

@Himanshu Singh -  I agree with others that teams would not be a robust support system by itself. But, I’d recommend including Teams as a part of your helpdesk's tools.  Our helpdesk’s Team is the heaviest used Team at our university 

Yeah! As said here, not by itself but used either as a compliment or to integrate it! There’s lots of possibilities and further ones ahead regarding integration with other apps, create actions directly from chat etc..the service module in Dynamics can be integrated into Teams already for example

@Himanshu Singh Have you manage to find a solution for this? I'm also looking for such solution. 

@Himanshu Singh We are currently trying to intergrate teams for a helpdesk. We only have about 50 members at work, and my plans are to use sharepoint pages and lists like another user mentioned, then create bots that can either respond in teams or Outlook using flow. At least that is the plan.

I'm exploring teams.  I'd like to add someone from outside of my organization.


@skwal   Do you have an English version of the power apps install link mentioned below?  Thank you in advance. BiliseT


Just click on « lire en anglais » upper right of page

@Himanshu  Singh  When I am logging my school account it cant help me logging in when i am trying to reset it cant be reset. Please reset it today is my online class . My 



I'm not able to reset the password and unable to sign in
I'm not able to reset the password and unable to sign in.

This would be interesting, right now we just use an exchange mailbox to keep track of calls. its fairly low volume. Just a few per day, and only 3 people accessing it. I was thinking Teams might be a better option than the mail boxes. If we can get people to use it and stop using the phone or email.

@CalebW I would be interested on how you got on with this as I am looking for a similar solution...

@Himanshu Singh 


We are using teams for my help-desk.  It mostly works.  I would like to have a follow up queue to follow up with Customers/Guests.


We have 50+ direct customers (Hotels/RVparks)  and we have created a Channel for each site some have Sales and Office support.

Customer1 (all of their Guests support calls go here) 

Customer1 Sales  (all of their Guest Sales calls go here)

Customer1 Support (all of their Office support calls go here) 



@Himanshu Singh Please look up . It is a employee/IT service desk product built specifically for MS Teams and uses AI + other advanced automations.

I hope this helps.