Teams Approvals App - Logic in Leave Approval

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We are trying to implement Leave Approvals in Teams. Using a template is a good start to provide a standard for specific Teams. We are facing two issues at the moment:


- How can we specify the "Name of request", such that the user does not need to enter something, and the Leave Approvals have the same title overall.


- Some users are in two or more teams which have Approval Templates associated. Is it possible to select specific users for which a template is visible, in order to prevent confusion when a user requests Leave approval.

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@Kiril The Teams Approvals app is a simplified view of the approvals capability in Power Automate, so if you want to step up the functionality beyond what's possible you can build something there.


For example you could have a MS Form that you add to a Team that submits into a Power Automate Flow that populates the 'Name of Request' automatically for you before starting the approval process.

Thank you. Can I still use the Approvals App front end (which is really nice), but customize the process in Power Automate?