Teams app continues to ring after PSTN call is answered on 3PIP desk phone

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  • Teams app on Windows 10 (latest public release).
  • Polycom VVX 5.9.5 Firmware (latest supported)
  • Teams-Only Org
  • Phone System/PSTN Calling Plan.


Call comes in from PSTN. Both the Polycom desk phone and the Teams app ring simultaneously. User answers call by taking desk phone handset off hook. Teams app continues to ring on Windows 10 computer running Teams. 


I've also seen similar situations where an incoming call rings on the Teams app on my Android device, as well as simultaneously on desk phone, and the Teams app on Android continues to ring after answering on desk phone.


I've also seen this behavior on my own personal test lab with a different tenant. 


This is not 100%, but often enough that it's destroying what little credibility I have left with my clients when it comes to Teams with PSTN calling. I am aware that there are a lot of issues with Teams, PSTN, 3PIP phones, etc., but I haven't heard much about this particular bug. Looking for some corroboration from this community from others who have experienced this and what, if anything, they were able to do about it.



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Hi @Bob Manjoney

we're facing the same issue. But not with hardphone combination though. 
Setup is cloud only.

Incoming call PSTN, calls rings on Teams (macOS) desktop client ands Teams iOS client. After picking up the line, one of the devices keeps ringing. All devices are up to date, both OS and Teams client.

We are also having similar issues, @Bob Manjoney.  We deployed Yealink T56A phones to our users, and some users also run the Teams app on their cell phones.  When a user answers a call on the Yealink device or cell phone, the Windows Teams app continues to ring until the user clicks in the notification box.  To the best of my knowledge, this didn't happen before Microsoft rolled out the latest firmware update to the Teams phones.



Thanks for confirming. I am pretty sure this was happening even prior to the most recent firmware for the Yealink phones (we have both 3PIP Poly VVX desk phones as well as the Yealink native Teams phones). Users are so annoyed by this that they're logging out of the Teams app entirely to avoid the problem when they are in the office using the desk phones.

any resolution for this as I have this issue?