Sharing files between teams

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I am wondering whay method people use to share a specific file or folder with another team.  In our example.  we have a team that takes pictures.  Those picture get uploade into teams.    They share them from within teams, etc. 

We also have a marketing department and a social media team that could make use of that collateral in the work they do.  Looking for the best way to allow teams to make these files available.  without the need of copying the files and sending them to users.  It would be great if there is an easy way to just share a folder with another team. 

Option i have thought about would be to add permission to the folder in the document library, or create a separate document library.  but discovery is a bit of a problem. 


The last option which seems a little wonky to me actually but just may be the best is to have the user who takes the photo place them in their onedrive (not the team files), then share the file/folder to all the needed users (i don't think you can share it to office 365 groups).

Anyway, just wondering if anyone has had to do something similar and they have gotten it to work.

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There’s a few ways that you also mentioned. Edit sharing the permissions on the library or folders themselves or use another library.

I’d suggest creating a separate library with permissions to the teams/groups you want and add that library as a tab or cloud storage in all the teams that should use it.
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Exactly as Adam suggested here. Have a central library on the SharePoint Site of the Team that would "Own" the photos. Someone has to own the entity. This could be on your Corporate homepage etc.

Set permissions to the Teams that need to be able to edit and read etc. Then add the library as a Tab to your general channel in your team and let people know to Upload there or you can make it a sub folder in a files tab of a photos channel, and linked to the other library via the + add cloud storage option. This makes a virtual folder to the library in that files tab to the other library. It could be called "Shared Photos" or "Company Photos" etc. so it shows up that way int he files tab of the channel you add it too.
thanks, sounds like i was on the right track. I do wish you could use the cloud storage option to link to a specific folder of a document library. But this will work for now.

Glad I came about this post. Challenge with Sharepoint is that its not designed for easy administration-ie typical end user. Whereas Teams makes it easy for you to see who has access to what. Thinking of this method where Teams are created with access to all in company including guests to relevant Teams. Teams are marked PUBLIC in bold, then actual HR members requiring access are in private channels. So for eg. HR has General as public but private channel as just their members(these are pinned for their easy access). then channels for specifically sharing across departments and to guests. This allows owner of their respective Teams to easily see who has access to what and to share across Teams and to external guests. Is there a more elegant way without Sharepoint admin?
Agree - facing the same problem - having an open access sharepoint, or separate administration from the teams is challenging, as it prevents easy access restriction management (which is a strength of teams).

Has anyone identified a potential solution within Teams itself? Would surprise me that a collaboration tool does not consider cross-team collaboration!