Shared voicemail in Teams?

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We've recently discovered the ability to use a Team as the 'agent' list. This is convenient since it allows our customers to modify their own call queue agent lists after we've licensed them.


Additionally, this allows the agents to use a designated resource as a caller identity when making calls. We knew the option existed, but did not realize that enumerated user lists do not have that ability (we were a fairly early adopter, and even had a ticket with Microsoft about this issue and they failed to solve the issue for us). We had already moved almost our entire organization to Teams, using enumerated agent lists, so we're going to re-work them to use this method.


Prior to testing, I thought that when I created a team with a matching O365 group (for receiving voicemails) that these voicemails would then be accessible via the designated voice enabled channel in Teams. I can call out as the designated resource, the voicemails generate, and once I subscribe to the O365 group, the voicemails appear in my personal teams voicemail interface.


They do not, however, appear in the Team associated with this group (generated at the time of group creation). I am the owner, and there is a 'voicemail' section under the 'calls but no voicemails appear here.


Does anyone know how it's supposed to work, what I could be doing wrong, or what I can do to get voicemails to be visible there. I'd prefer Teams to be more of the 'all-in-one' stop for phone related stuff. I'm not fond of the separation between Teams voice and voicemails being forced into Outlook (desktop version only as well, since the OWA often doesn't play nice with the O365 groups where the voicemails are stored).


Related question - The serial call method seems to work, but the order seems random. Does anyone know how it determines the order of callers in a serial sequence (we couldn't find a match to any logical order)?


I'm trying to figure these few things out before I propose to my bosses that we begin reworking our customer's teams configs to this method. It solves a lot of issues we have, but there are pieces that aren't intuitive.

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@Olajumoke Toriola can you assist here?

@albanscFrom what I have read, If you use a team in the Queue and/or AA, then the serial seems to go alphabetically.      I have not verified this however.


I share your frustration with the serial group routing and voicemail.


They need to fix these.