Shared accounts setting up recurring Teams meeting

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We have a shared account in charge of booking meetings.  Let's say the account is called email address removed for privacy reasons


In Outlook, email address removed for privacy reasons has a second inbox set up with the meetings account.


They have shared the meetings account with Person2 and Person3.

Person1 has set up a recurring meeting with several stakeholders, and they have made Person2 and Person3 co-organizer of the meeting.

The co-organizer of the meeting has the meeting set to automatically record.


Yesterday they had a meeting, and Person2 was the lead organizer, but the recording went to the OneDrive of Person3.


If I'm logged in to my Outlook as person1, 2, or 3 and I create a recurring meeting in the Meetings Outlook Calendar, would I expect the meeting recording to be stored in my OneDrive, or in the Meetings Account OneDrive?


This is probably important to know.  We don't have InTune turned on yet, but we do have Person1 logging in to our Azure AD when they turn their computer on.

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Recording will be saved to the personals one drive who initiated the recording. If the meeting was set to automatically can you check who set the configuration like was it person3. After this meeting if you had any other meeting was all the recording going to Person3 onedrive?

Was the recording initiated manually or automatically. If manual then did Person3 initiate the recording then it would be in Person3 onedrive only.

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Satish Upadhyaya
I did some research with both the customer and Dr Bing and Mr Google. @RealTime_M365, can you confirm that if a meeting is set to automatically record, that if a person tests the link that they've been emailed and they go into the meeting first, that person's OneDrive is where the recording will be stored?

Hello @Stephen Morley ,


Yes. If the user is an external participant in the meeting and started the meeting it goes to their OneDrive too. 


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