Search for folders in Teams

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Within Teams you can search for files but not for folders. Is that possible in any way?

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Pretty sure it will come when Microsoft Search is also integrated in Teams
Not in Teams directly using the existing search / command bar, but you can click "Open in SharePoint" and use SharePoint's search to find folders no problem in the Teams Document library.

You could also add the search page to the library as a Tab on your channel with the documents with the folders needing searched as well.
How can I add search page of sharepoint library as a tab? When I click the plus icon to add a tab, there are lots of app which are pretty cool but couldn't find anyting related this

@Nieske I've put it in feedbackportal for Microsoft. 
A lot of my coworkers struggle with this issue. Let's get it fixed and give the issue an upvote :D the

Having to constantly go back to Sharepoint to find anything in Teams makes Teams folders nearly useless. 

I am completely on Team 'Teams is garbage' and Team 'Sharepoint is worse'