Schedule daily recurring messages in Teams chat channels

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This is my first post on this site!


How do I set up a recurring message in a Teams chat channel? I want to remind my team daily at a specific time to put their project stand up status into our project channel. I'm assuming this would be a bot? If so, how can I find the bot?


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@MSKeith this can be done with Power Automate

  • Go to
  • Select Create
  • Choose Scheduled Cloud Flow
  • Add a Flow name (e.g. Regular Project Update)
  • Add a starting date and time
  • Select your repeat options (this may be limiting depending on your need)
  • Select Create
  • Select New Step
  • Search for Post message in chat or channel (Microsoft Teams)
    • Choose to post as the Flow Bot or User
    • Follow the prompts to choose an existing channel or a group chat 
    • Enter the message to send
  • Select Save

Below is an example, posting into a General channel in a team named MSFT.




Thank you for your feedback! I will give this a try.
Hey can you set up a recurring message to go out to a group of people individually? They will not respond in a group chat but I need to message all of them each week.

@Chelsea92 off the top of my head (haven’t tested), you could create a List that contains all the people and then use a “For Each” loop to send each person a message. 



I followed these instructions, but the message keeps repeating over and over. How do I get it to only send once?

@Stephen1605 Can you take a screenshot? What's your recurrence set to?

@Stephen1605 Interesting, so it posts multiple times instead of once on those days? I'm not sure what's going on there sorry.

After I create a flow, It will show the Reoccurrence. However, it does not say "Next Step" I'm not sure if that's a new update or how to fix that problem so I can start creating flows.


It will run once at the stipulated time, if you need to run it multiple times you can create a copy of same for a different schedule. 
BUT, if your requirement is to send it out every hour or every week, it will do that as per your time scheduled.