Save document from desktop app directly to Teams app

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At the moment when I create and edit documents in desktop app (e.g. Word) and then want to save it to the Teams, I can choose 'Save as'  and the in 'Sites' option there is a list of frequent teams.


But what to do if the Team I want to save to is not listed there, and there is no option to browse through all of the Teams and then select the right one?

One way to solve it I have found so far is: clicking SharePoint tab in the files tab and copy the link. Then paste it in the file name section on the save screen.

I was wondering if there is a quicker and more efficient way to do it?


Thank you!

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Hi @Katyara ,


The Office apps show the SharePoint sites that you use, the headings are Frequent and Following. There is an option on the left to select the sites from your tenant. 


If you don't see these options you maybe on an earlier version of Office. You can also get an easy way to save files by syncing the SharePoint document libraries you use frequently, just hit sync on the files tab ion teams. 

Hello @Andrew Hodges ,


Thank you for your reply!


Is there any way for PDF to be saved directly to Teams or Team sites on Sharepoint?


I tried clicking 'Save as' on PDF file but it doesnt list any teams or team sites at all like in Word document e.g. where you can see most frequent or following.

Hi @Katyara ,


It depends what you have the PDF open in but you can sync the location to save the PDF and it may appear in the Save As dialogue depending on where you have the PDF open. 

@Andrew Hodges  When you say "There is an option on the left to select the sites from your tenant" I don't see that. Only One Drive, Sites (this is where I click but cannot search/find the Team I am looking for) This PC, Add a Place and Browse. The last two don't seem to connect to the names of Teams, just folders and files.