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We experience an issue that one organizer schedule few different meetings, with different participants, but participants from earlier meeting can see chats from later meeting. They can participate too, in an later meeting. After the investigation it appears that Teams (or Outlook) generates same link for all meetings. How can we turn this off, and force Teams to generate unique link for each meeting?



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If the meeting is recurring, you get to use the same link. If you want to use different links each time, schedule one-off meetings.

@Vasil Michev Thanks for your answer

Our user creates a new meeting in Outlook every time. He chooses date and time of meeting and starts ordinary meeting scheduling and then chooses Teams meeting option. This is not  the case with all users.

 I'm going to investigate this further, but maybe there are more organizations with this issue.

@Samir Raslan Did you find a solution to the problem? - We have the same challenge.

I don't have a solution, however, there is a workaround to create a unique invitation link:

Try to open the invitation in outlook and select the link to the Teams-Meeting. 

Right-click "edit hyperlink".


You'll see the link starting with

followed by random characters.


Just replace one of these random characters with a different character, save the invitation and send it to all of your invited stakeholders.


I do this but then getting an error when I test the link.? "Looks like the meeting URL is incorrect. Please check the URL and try again." ?