Removing a Meeting in a Teams Channel when the organizer is gone

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We have a staff member that used to be an Owner of a Team that created a meeting series in a Channel within the team. That person now has left the organization and we cannot figure out how to remove the meeting series from the Channel for everyone. f course we could ask each person to manually remove the meeting fr themselves in Teams from the Channel but that doesnt work for large groups - it is just a mess. Is there an Administrative way to fix that?

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@4BobRandall Hi, there are several UV requests for an enhanced end-user experience when it comes to meetings in Teams. You can go and have a look and vote for the ones you like or create your own. I believe this is the one with most votes when it comes to multiple organizers Assign multiple organizers on a Teams meeting – Microsoft Teams UserVoice which would prevent your scenario.


As for the channel meetings they are created in the calendar in the underlying group mailbox (no separate mailboxes for the channels). In other words, add permission to yourself or contact your admin to assist with that so you can enter the calendar and remove it.