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Hi! These days I find myself in meetings or workshops with more than 25 team members, and for the sake of structure and good organization, we often have just the main presenter having their camera on. Also, people keep their mics off when someone is presenting. So we often miss out on live feedback when we ask open questions or express thoughts, crack jokes or say something warm etc. I wish there were a reaction button like on live streams like FB or Instagram where you can react with a smiley or a heart or a like when someone says something that you agree with. It's great feedback for the presenter that they are being listened to and a reason for listeners to stay engaged without having to feel they are interrupting the flow. Just an interaction which I'm sure a lot of us would appreciate :)

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Hi @anu222

Live reactions are due out in December per the Microsoft 365 roadmap

So what you need is coming very soon

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Is there any update on this?  From what I can see, Live Reactions are still only available as part of Public Preview.  Do we know when they will be fully rolled out?