"You don't have access to this file" (only) when opening files within Teams

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When opening files within Teams I get the message "You don't have access to this file." even if I'm the owner of the files. I have seen the same issue accross multiple tenants/organisations.

Opening the same files in browser or desktop app works fine.


This was not an issue some weeks ago.

Is there a setting that has been changed by MS over the last month (july 2022), or is this a bug in Teams?


Anyone experiencing the same issue can alleviate the pain by going to: Settings -> Files -> Change the default program to use when opening a file to browser or desktop app

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I am experiencing the same, if I know more I'll let you know, thanks for sharing the workaround!
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Same problem for some users in my organization. I solved this clearing the Teams cache.
This issue is currently being investigated by engineering. If you haven't already opened a support ticket or submitted an issue through your support channels, please do so. Thank you for reporting.
Hi rfavini

Clearing the cache does fix the problem, but this is not an effective solution for an entire organisation.

Thanks anyways!
Hi @bookkeeper92, for now it seems to work for us but if I have updates I will inform you. Of course, it is to be applied on every client where the problem occurs and it could be challenging.


Does it work for you now? I have some reports from my customer that it is working now.

Yes. The bug seems to have been fixed now.
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