"You cannot send messages to this bot", chat with bot issue in microsoft teams

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we have connected "azure bot" to microsoft teams; however, during this 2 days some users unable to send message to the chatbot and obtain "You cannot send messages to this bot" in chatbox which block their chatbox. How could I fix it or Do I have to change the any configuration?

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I think you need to place some more information on this. The bot is custom i guess does can you send some more info how it was build?

@paul keijzersI used "Azure bot" in azure market place to create the bot and users are able to add the bot via url in embedded codes. My platform receives incoming events by webhook that's all I try to do. In teams, chatting with chatbot,  works normally until yesterday.







--> from teams chatbox




I am experiencing the same issue. The bottom menu is deactivated for conversations in the chat. However, it works when you navigate through Overview -> Contact -> Send Quick Message.
But is deploy under Azure Bot Services, and it is working under classics version of teams.

I have the exact same issue. Bot deployed through botservices. Works fine in "old teams", iOS and Android.


But new seems to be blocking. Perhaps some whitelisting that is needed?

Same exact issue since last few days. Although it works fine over phone app. The desktop app is blocked!!

Same issue!!! I cannot send message to my bot. Any news?

check my woraround at: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams-public-preview/azure-bot-not-available-after-...

I have a ticket with support but all we are doing now is collecting the HAR! Is someone from MS actually seeing the community?

Same issue, but only on the New Teams (23285.3604.2469.4152), for all bots.
This has been going for a few months, now. Only when using the new Teams.
The quick message through the "Contacts" menu works, as tokarczyk_jacek mentioned.

I had the same issue. Microsoft Support Rep adviced the following: go to Microsoft Teams admin center and open Teams App Setup Policy, click "Global" and then turn on "Upload Custom Apps" button. New Teams now is working fine. Did anyone try the same?

Well my bot is not even deployed to the team app center. Its just used via direct teams link. So that would not work. We don’t really want to upload custom app during development.

Same case here. The bot is not deployed yet. We're using the testing links directly. Maybe they broke Teams with this new policy option.
Also, it started today to also happen on classical Teams. Now nobody can exchange messages with any bots. Dang...
Yeah, its quite bad and thats when MS has been promoting Teams, copilot and Azure bots with AI. They need wake up. I don’t understand why its not a system outage for them.
OK, enabling custom apps for my user on Teams Admin console fixed it for me on both - new Teams and classic Teams, even for bots that aren't deployed yet. This is the way, it seems.

@gykungTry following these steps via Admin Center Teams


1. Step1. Step


2. Step2. Step


If you use web just press F5 after 1min.

If you use it installed, log out and log in again.

Is there any solution for this? Actually ours is a large organization so enabling custom app upload is not an option. Also I'm confused why it still works for some users and not others. I simply am not able to understand the rationale behind the same. I opened a support case with MSFT but they too are clueless about this.
This did not occur with older Teams.
I understand that it is a bug.
Our organization also has a security policy that severely restricts custom apps.
I have previously reported several other bugs for Teams.
They have taken 3 months at the earliest and 6 months or more at the latest to be fixed.
Will I have to wait as long for this bug to be fixed?


Please verify if the publisher is authenticated. If not, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to portal.azure.com.
  2. Go to Home.
  3. Access App registrations.
  4. Select the Azure Bot name.
  5. Look for the following message:

"Starting November 9th, 2020, end users will no longer be able to grant consent to newly registered multitenant apps without verified publishers. Add MPN ID to verify publisher"

To resolve this, add the MPN ID to authenticate and verify the publisher.