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Hi to anyone that can help.  As a business we use Teams and I'm looking to see if we can activate a screen call simply by someone scanning a QR code.  This will then automatically take them into a conference call.  Is this something that is out there and am I behind the times?

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Are you looking to have a scheduled meeting and instead of people clicking a URL, they would scan a QR code and attend a meeting?  Can you share a bit about the use case here to provide a little more context.  I haven't seen this but it doesn't mean someone else hasn't accomplished what you are trying to do.

Hello. I would like to schedule a meeting and ask guests to join by scanning a QR code or clicking on the Teams link. What is the procedure for completing this request.


Thank you

This function was not implemented yet by microsoft, but you can generate the QR Codes manually with no problems.

I think that having as standard invitation content something like this (the qr code is the link to join the meeting):


when you invite people, could be an easy enhancement that can create a great value.


Teams is available (with limitation) even on smart glasses and have a qr code embedded into the invitation can simplify a lot the meeting joining using the glassses, avoiding the use of other tools or manual processing.


Thanks for attention

@FulvioSpelta The feature is currently on UserVoice, so it might be a good idea to upvote it if you need it.

In the meantime, the only way to add QR codes is to generate & add them manually to the invitations. Here's a freeware tool that lets you generate QR codes

I’d like to create this QR code so that our team members can scan it for instant help via the teams messaging. I’ve been able to generate a QR code that, once scanned, takes the user to an instant Teams message however, I don’t want someone who doesn’t work for our company to scan the QR code and be able to access the auto generated message.  Is this at all possible?

@cicton Hi , have you been able to set this up ? im looking into setting up a QR code for a chat via teams as well. i can see we can do this for meetings now but im looking to this for individual chat. Thanks

@cicton Could you share what you actually did to setup the QR Code to take a user to the Chat?  We have a AI Chatbot that  we would like our users to be able to Scan a QR Code and open directly to that Pinned Chatbot in Teams?

Though the work flow for our QR code is different I am sharing it here just for some one to leverage the idea.

We developed internally & deployed QR code on our Microsoft Teams rooms main display when a user scans the QR code it opens up a webpage loading their personal calendar.
When they tap the intended meeting from the calendar a incoming call lands on the MTR room,
And user accepts the call.