Projects List OneNote vs Wiki to write project details

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Hello All, 

Was planning to deploy Microsoft List to manage all my projects, ownership, ...., ETC 

two questions here

1. Is there is good ready-made module or app on List / Sharepoint was developed by someone or a partner NOT the default ones, (i mean an advanced one with automation and advanced options)?

2. In list i can't put checklist under each task, hence i need to add Planner link to each project

but i have lots of details, attachments, notes, ETC (Is OneNote or Wiki is the best option to write such details to make everything in one Channel in teams)

Appreciate your recommendations or feedback in both.

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Hi @hanymc - for wiki vs OneNote, best to start with OneNote for several reasons:

  • OneNote is completely portable - notes can be opened in any OneNote app on any device. Wiki is in that channel only and very difficult to copy/paste
  • Wiki is being deprecated (retired?) - existing wikis will continue to function but only OneNote will be available for new channels/projects
  • OneNote has way more features: connects to Outlook, allows for creation of templates, etc.

I can't help on your first question, but I hope this helps for the second!


Thank you so much, you have a point here, i'm a big fan of OntNote too. but was trying to clear my mind keep thinking about Wiki.


I hope some recommendations in first Q.