Profile Pictures not updating

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We're using a PowerShell script to update Teams/Outlook user profile pictures via

Set-UserPhoto. Unfortunately, all too often users report that they don't update for them or others. We've identified that this is usually due to the Teams desktop client's cache. Clearing it solves the issue.
The Teams client also caches general user information locally. Some data, such as display name and telephone number, can be cached up to 28 days in the client. Profile photos can be cached up to 60 days.
This is unsatisfactory. Do you know of a way to not have to do this?
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I know you ask about the Teams cache to show Profile photos faster however let me tell you that Set-UserPhoto has been deprecated

See here for replacement commands

@Andres Gorzelany Thanks for pointing that out. I will amend the script. Would be nice if that fixed the actual issue, though but who knows :)