Persistent Poor Audio/Video Quality when Speaking on MS Teams meeting despite ample bandwidth

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I participate in MS Teams meetings for my job, but I am not the administrator of the Teams account (nor do I work for the organisation that pays for and administers the Teams account).


The default is for all participants to participate on video and audio, with occasional screen sharing.. 


Several times recently (including on fairly serious meetings, like Board meetings and job interviews) I've had others tell me that they couldn't hear me / my connection was bad.  [ At that point, turning off video hasn't helped much if at all. ] As a work-around, I've had to dial in for audio (but that's a bit embarrassing during, say, a Board meeting).  Sometimes I get a message from Teams telling me that my internet connection is poor (or words to that effect), but usually I hear complaints first from other participants, or I can see video problems myself.


My broadband is the fastest service that Deutsche Telekom will sell me at my address.  My router is a FritzBox!7590. I am not using a VPN during these calls.


When I have run speed tests on my connection, the downlink has never been less than 200Mb/sec, and it's usually closer to 250.  Uplink has never been less than 30Mb/sec, and it's usually 50Mb/sec. I've checked right after meetings, including meetings with problems, and have started doing random tests during similar hours.


I have tried using my MacBook (a reasonably current model) and an iPad Pro (running nothing but Teams during the meeting), and the problem has occurred on both.  All devices are running the current released operating systems. I have made a point of rebooting them before calls, but that hasn't made any difference.  [ the router has also been rebooted several times recently, but not necessarily before every call ]


During calls, I disable all other devices in my house (it's just me here, so I know no one else is streaming or gaming on my connection, but of course I don't know what may be happening elsewhere in my neighbourhood, and contention may be possible -- but again, my speed tests suggest my service remains more than adequate).


I've so far had no similar problems with Zoom.  In fact, before one important meeting, I got the organiser to do a test with me, but she choose to use Zoom (she thought we were testing my internet quality) and our test was fine -- but during the later Teams call, I had to drop off and rejoin by phone, which was extremely awkward.


This "should" work, and it does for most of the participants (others occasionally have issues, but I have by far the most). It's almost like Deutsche Telekom throttles my connection when I start to speak -- I'm not paranoid enough to believe that, but that's how it appears.


Because I am a regular attendee to these meetings, but am not part of the organisation that actually hosts the calls, they see it as "my" problem to solve.  I could probably approach their administrator to ask for assistance, but if I do, I need to have a plan with a crisp set of requests of them.


Does anyone have any suggestions or troubleshooting tips?  I have not found anything in the forum that matches my situation closely enough to suggest a course of action.   



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Since all devices behind your router seems to have this issue I’d start with the router.

Check the settings and the firewall, maybe do a full reset or try not to go pass it if possible.


@RoughJoe I am a lecturer and this also happens to me all the time and I have to repeat myself several times. 


I have the exact same issue. I have 200+MB down and 100MB+up on every ookly test. even during calls where MS teams is showing me a bandwidth issue and and the person on the other side is saying that they cannot understand or hear me. 


someone please help resolve this.  



Have ou managed to find a solution to the Audio hickups ?

I am in Israel, suffering from the same issue in Teams, not sure wether it's my infra, ISP or the Teams app. Very frustrating !





Same here , after joining MSTeam conference speaker volume will go to minimum ,even when set to max volume on slider , slider can be moved but volume not possible to adjust . All other apps control volume correctly
I've had similar audio problems using MS Teams, poor quality, low volume, background noise, all problems that I don't get using other meeting applications (Google Meetings, Zoom mostly). Unlike RoughJoe, I am using a MS Surface Book 2 running Windows 10 with recently updated software. I have given MS Teams permission to use video and audio devices. The poor quality sound persists when using the Teams app but I got around it by using the web browser version - this is generally fine for small group meetings but with larger groups the application would be preferred.

I recently got a chance to test the effect of playing around with some of the sound settings with the Teams app, by testing it with one of my colleagues. Under Settings - Devices - Audio, I found that changing the Noise Suppression settings did improve the sound quality at the other end. I shifted through each of the settings (Off, Auto, Low and High) and found that High produced the best result. My voice was now being heard clearly and at full volume without any background noise (I don't have a high level of background noise anyway). So Noise Suppression = High seems to improve it.
However, my colleague also commented that some of sentences were being clipped, eg. "The sky is bl..."
So it is better with that setting but it's far from perfect. Given that I use a Microsoft machine running Windows OS, I do expect that a Microsoft application should run flawlessly. But hey, maybe I've just got high expectations.
I hope this helps.
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best response confirmed by Christopher Hoard (MVP)
Since all devices behind your router seems to have this issue I’d start with the router.

Check the settings and the firewall, maybe do a full reset or try not to go pass it if possible.


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